Texas North Mission

Asay Group 1970-1973

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      Come to "lift" and be lifted

Thursday September 29th, 2016

6:30 PM to 9 PM
Address:  White Chapel at 
1540 West 10400 South
       South Jordan, Utah
      (Same place as last year)
Dinner at 7 PM.  Devotional and Testimony Meeting at 8:15 PM
Donations appreciated

Note:   Many street addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses have been updated this year.  

Go to the "Alumni" tab and please confirm yours, and check others that you know of that may be incorrect and send them to me.  

Thanks for your help. (my email address is under the Alumni tab, email addresses)   

--  Elder Swenson

Please help locate our missing missionary associates.  Check the lists under the "Alumni" tab for individuals you know and contact Elder David Swenson with updates.  My email address is under the "Alumni" tab, then email addresses.